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During my bible study this morning the Lord showed me there is about to be an OVERFLOW OF EXPOSURE. As a result there will be:

1) Uproar

2) Confusion

3) Chaos

Then He led me to Isaiah 27:20-21 – “Come my people ENTER YOUR CHAMBERS and shut the doors behind you. Hide for a little while until the Lord’s wrath has passed. Listen carefully, the Lord is about to come out of his Heavenly place to punish the inhabitants of the earth for their wickedness. The earth will reveal the innocent blood shed upon her and will no longer cover her slain.”

This reminded me of a dream I had on 6/20/23 called “Ring of Keys”. My Husband and I were on the top floor of an office building. We had a large and heavy ring of keys given to us by a Pastor. Once he handed us the keys he disappeared.

There was a key for every door and floor of the building. We were standing in front of the floor to ceiling windows looking out over the city saddened by the destruction we witnessed of the nation we called home.

It looked like a bomb went off. There was fire, broken windows, crushed cars, sirens, crumbled buildings, ashes and military walking around scanning the city for life. It was dark and unrecognizable. The only light was the ambers from the fires.

However we were safe. Our building was well kept and untouched. I knew there were people inside the other floors but I couldn’t see them. Everything we needed was inside. It was normal daily life for us. We felt bad for those not inside the building. We offered many a chance to enter but they chose not to listen. – end dream –

Last month suddenly I became very unsettled about our son being in school. All I could hear was “take him out”.

Ladies and gentlemen. People of God. Keep your ear to the Father. Get your house in order because 2020 was the warm up. This time it will be the Lord’s doing.

❗️To seasoned ministers, who have taught and raised others righteously; the Lord says: Give your keys to my people. I have not called you to HOARD but to STEWARD and SEND. 🔥

The Father gave me a word that I released at the Supernatural Pregnancy Summit on 11/4/23. That word “I AM SENDING MY WIND & MY WATCH” is to be released to everyone now. I am confirmed now that word is a guide to navigate what’s to come. We tried to stream it but it kept crashing so it’s not recorded. Here’s the link to it:…/i-am-sending-my-wind-my…/

“He that have ears to hear, let him hear” (Matt 11:15)

❤️ Porshea Wilkins


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