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Work With Porshea

I worked my way up from a 16 year old part-time cashier at a retail store in College Station, Texas, to managing a $1.4 Billion dollar book of business across 960 locations between the United States and Canada, for one of the largest intimate apparel companies in the world by age 22. All just one year after obtaining a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing. I turned a family tragedy into rocket fuel and leaped head first into entrepreneurship. Since 2007 I've applied every skill on my journey. Bringing visions to life for myself and others in education, business and ministry. Developing and deploying leaders across multiple continents and un-apologetically breaking the mold by refusing to do business the cut throat way, and choosing to do things the Kingdom way. Now, I'm opening the vault to provide a unique service, by showing people just like you, how you can take the smallest of an idea, or faintest of vision and turn it into something bold and exciting you and others can be proud of. All for God's glory! Whoever said you can't be business and Kingdom, hasn't met me. Porshea Wilkins, Wife, Mother, Entrepreneur and Your Purpose Mid-Wife!


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